Longford Park Special School (LPS)

1. Introduction

Longford Park School was the national special school winner in the 2013 Pupil Premium Awards. Longford Park School is a small primary school in Trafford that caters for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. These pupils are placed in the school as they are unable to maintain mainstream schooling.

2. What did they do?

Pupil premium funding has been used to support the well-being of students through therapeutic interventions such as a breakfast club, feel good club, circle times and individual sessions. Money has been used for specialist art and music input. The purchasing of ICT equipment has also accelerated learning. What is noticeable is that by concentrating on pupils’ sense of well-being and security, greater academic attainment has then resulted. Longford Park School sees the pupil premium as an extension of the ethos and workings of the school, notably that a secure and stable pupil is able to blossom.

3. Impact

Progress is the key for their pupil premium pupils. At Key Stage 1 pupils are progressing at almost twice the rate of national averages and this momentum continues through Key Stage 2. The figures show that in Key Stage 2 almost all of Longford Park School’s pupils achieved or exceeded the upper quartile. Longford Park School in partnership with parents puts great emphasis on reading as it underpins so much of attainment. Over 60% exceeded the upper quartile in reading. This means that pupils are well placed to succeed on leaving Longford Park School for their secondary schools.

4. What next?

Longford Park School will be looking to:

  • improve further, particularly targeting those very few who the data shows were only in the median against national averages.
  • improve the fabric of the school with projects that work for their children but also that research shows best optimises the educational outcomes for this group of pupils
  • work in a coalition of schools with the University of Manchester exploring how to best narrow the gap.

Simon Birch, deputy head at Longford Park School says:
“As a professional who has worked with Looked After and disadvantaged children for over 25 years the Pupil Premium Award is a welcome acknowledgement and intervention aimed at improving outcomes. The gap in educational attainment can be affected through reasoned and targeted application of resources. Longford Park School has strived to both underpin and individualise its provision through the Award.
The school has been delighted by recognition of the Award, but more so by the social and educational progress evidenced in the pupils who have benefited through this additional funding.”