2016 Infant and Key Stage 3 National Winner - Greenfylde Church of England First School, Somerset

Developing more creative holistic Pupil Premium provision to improve educational outcomes for vulnerable groups.

Greenfylde is a first school (R to Y4) located in Ilminster, a market town in South Somerset with 365 children in our school plus another 58 children registered in our pre-school with around 20% of our pupils qualifying for Pupil Premium. 

From data analysis three years ago we could see gaps developing between pupil premium and non-pupil premium pupils and wanted to address this, however we knew that we already offered learning support so clearly the pupils’ needs were beyond just this area. We wanted all children to be able to reach their potential academically and to have the wider holistic experiences that could help them identify their talents and have a high level of self esteem/worth that could translate into academic confidence in the classroom.

Our first action was to review the provision we already had as we didn’t want to just get rid of this but rather consider if we needed to offer wider provision alongside these. Equally we also wanted to put suitable review processes in place so that any provision we offered was of a high standard and not just there because the school had always done this historically.

We offer a range of options and look to what individual children need as we put together their individual provision. Not every child will need every option but having all these allows us to personalise their provision. Some pupils access breakfast club so that they can arrive on time at school and have a healthy meal to start the day whilst others may be funded to attend able and gifted courses to support their specific skills.

As a school we offer in our provision:

ELSA emotional support

Teacher and TA learning support both 1:1 and in small group

Small Reception classes to give all pupils a positive and supported start to their education

Wider learning opportunities – whole school experiences for example drama workshops; perapetetic music; hosting our own Art Exhibition with work from every pupil

Extended provision – funding for after school clubs; specialist sporting provision and all school visits

Additional lunchtime staff so that children always have adults around they can talk with for positive lunchtimes

Funding for breakfast club and school milk

Funding our own Child Therapist part of the week and providing access to other professionals e.g. Educational Psychologist for pupils who are both classed as SEND and Pupil Premium.

Forest School nurture sessions

We appointed a Pupil Premium Champion from the senior leadership who has time to co-ordinate and monitor the provision, provide the termly updates to our Governors and monitor the termly Pupil Progress sheets completed by teachers which include specific reviews on the progress of every Pupil Premium child.

During our Music, Art and Drama weeks, we brought in some professionals as well as using the talents of our own staff and the wider community. These weeks were about celebrating talents and exploring the wonder that children can experience in the Arts. We held these events for all of our children but with the original plan of providing wider opportunities for our Pupil Premium Pupils however the impact has been a positive one for all. The same is true of our Sports and Forest School provision and shows how Pupil Premium funding can have an impact on every child in a school.

Our data analysis at the end of the second year showed a narrowing of the gap in many of our year groups across Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Support/interventions in place had led to accelerated progress for many children receiving support for Pupil Premium.

By tracking the Pupil Premium pupils specifically in termly Pupil Progress meetings all our staff are more aware of these pupils’ specific needs and track and refine their interventions on a regular basis responding to what they see with them in the classroom on a daily basis.

Socially and emotionally we now know our pupils can access support quickly from ELSAs or our Child Therapist and this is carried out in conjunction with parents so if required, it helps to support the family as well. We can see where these sessions have developed confidence and self-worth in our pupils so that they feel more able to have a go in class and are then in the right place to access specific learning support.

This year we have extended our Child Therapy support as we believe in the view that children have to feel safe and confident before they can truly learn and only by addressing issues children bring with them can we give them the best possible chance to reach their potential academically. We have developed more multi-sensory provision and hope to work towards providing more nurture based groups for pupils with our ELSAs.

We are also extending our curriculum to offer Engineering as a means of expanding on the skills children can learn for future careers.

Winning the National Pupil Premium award has been a huge celebration at Greenfylde as not only is it recognition for the work of the whole school community, but also gives us motivation to keep striving to develop our provision into the future.