Charter’s success is underpinned by our determination to meet the individual needs of our students, over 60% of whom receive pupil premium funding. Many of our students suffer from extreme cultural deprivation and often they have never left Portsmouth. Because of this, addressing a lack of aspiration and low confidence levels have been our greatest challenge.

Through our pupil premium funding and since winning the national award, we have been able to increase the aspiration and confidence of our students by offering them opportunities to experience, enjoy and learn about the wider world. We have been able to allow our students to access that which is often reserved for those more fortunate.

Winning the Pupil Premium Prize has created enormous pride in our community and has helped challenge low expectations nationally.

Dame Sharon Hollows Principal Charter Academy, Portsmouth (KS4 National Award Winners, 2015)

Receiving Pupil Premium funding at Parkfield has enabled us to improve the life chances and broaden the horizons of our disadvantaged pupils.

Winning a national pupil premium award has been a fantastic experience for our whole school. It has presented us with new opportunities to share our strategies and vision with the many conference delegates and visitors that have now come to our school, something that has enabled our staff to develop their leadership and teaching skills even further.

Winning such a prestigious award has been a thrilling experience for our pupils and the wider school community and their enthusiasm and support has encouraged us to ensure that our devotion to constantly improving our pedagogy for our disadvantaged pupils is a golden thread, running through every facet of our school organisation and community.

Hazel Pelley Headteacher Parkfield Community School, Birmingham (KS2 National Award Winners, 2015)

Becoming a national winner for the Pupil Premium awards has been an amazing experience, which has significantly raised the profile of the school. Not only has it afforded us recognition in our local community of the great things that are happening every day at Pakeman regarding raising the attainment of our pupils, but it has also allowed us the exciting opportunity of being able to share our best practice and collaborate with other schools, both at national and local level.

Lynne Gavin Headteacher Pakeman Primary School, London (Primary School Winners, 2013)